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What do you need from a Back Treatment?

What do you need from a Back Treatment?

Spa Joli Belle’s Therapeutic and Really Relaxing Body Treatments…

What's more 'essential' than our sense of well being? Absolutely nothing we think!!

At Spa Joli Belle I love to make clients backs, feet and hands feel really good and in doing so enhance an overall sense of well being! All body treatments are specially designed to do just that! We live in a world where connection is everything but too often the most important connection we need to make...with ourselves...gets lost in the shuffle which leaves us drained and exhausted far too often!  Spa Joli Belle believes that taking some time to care for you by taking a break and enjoying a deeply relaxing treatment, is itself a form of therapy.  The benefits of a hands on treatment is much deeper than the surface of the skin! Spa Joli Belle would love to help you enjoy a experience where you reconnect with the most important person in your life...YOU!!

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The Existential Back Back Treatment $95

This is a service dedicated to helping your body achieve a deeper state of relaxation that will definitely promote a sense of well being at the conclusion! We start with a refreshing cleansing scrub that prepares your skin for all the good stuff to come! A back nurturing massage with the added therapeutic benefit of Hot Stones leaves tense back muscles and your body deeply relaxed...a super hydrating Dermal Mask delivers intensive moisture down deep into the skin, while your neck and lower legs get some specialized attention! And what Back-cial would be complete without a deeply penetrating moisturizer that melts into your skin leaving it silky soft and supremely supple! Existentially speaking...feeling this good is pretty awesome! 

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The Deep Freeze Please Targeted Back Treatment $110

Adding the benefit of cold stone therapy to our Existential Back-cial is just genius for treating hot spots in the back! The use of cold stones brings immediate increased therapeutic blood flow to the area helping to relieve discomfort. Following cold therapy a back massage warms and relaxes the entire back while slowly warming the cold therapy treated area to encourage a deeper release of tension. Concluding the massage with the use of Hot Stones helps to bring the deepest level of relaxation to the entire back! This is a targeted treatment designed for intensive relief of back discomfort while nurturing the skin! Please note that Hand and Foot massage is not included in this treatment! The Deep Freeze Please is all about seeking to ease!  

(If you have severe persistent back pain or have recently had back surgery please see your doctor and obtain a release and consent before having any back treatments!)


Good for the Sole Foot Treatment $60

Treat your hardworking feet to a little TLC by enjoying a refreshing cleansing exfoliation that preps the feet for all the good stuff to come,  followed by a 'toe-tally' delightful massage for the feet! A deliciously luxurious foot mask follows and last but not least a super hydrating foot cream to put the ultimate 'soft' in your 'soles'! Now that's good for the 'sole' wouldn't you say!


I've Got to Hand it To You Hand Treatment $45

Divine digits coming right up! A softly cleansing scrub, a luxurious moisture drenched hand mask while hands rest on warm stones, a decadent hand reviving massage that will make those metacarpals smile...add a few drops of cuticle oil and a lusciously rich hand cream and you've got Divinely Soft Digits that feel simply heavenly! Phalange Perfection Personified!


Perfect Paraffin Dip

Hands or Feet $10 each (add to any Facial or Body Treatment)

Give dry hands or feet a delicious drink of moisture with a 'dip' designed to warm, soothe and infuse moisture deep into the skin enhancing the effect of a luscious drenching moisturizer! Add to any Facial or Body treatment and your hands or feet really soak up the moisture while cocooned in luxurious warmth during your service! Paraffin can revive dry skin like no other substance and all while you enjoy your treatment! You won't believe how soft and supple your skin will feel after!


Have questions about Body Treatments? It just so happens we LOVE questions and encourage you to contact us with yours! For your convenience use our Contact Spa Joli Belle form below or text us at 661-803-2504 and we will get back to you as quickly as we can! Please check to make sure your return email address is correct so you will receive our response! 


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