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Creating Vibrantly Healthy Skin One Face at a Time

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The most important question we can ask a client before a facial is:

What results are you looking for?

The answer to this question determines how we design a facial that will address your skin care concerns specifically and uniquely! It’s how we do skin care at Spa Joli Belle…treating one face at a time with a Custom Facial that works towards giving your skin the nutrition, support and correction you desire for your skin!

The facial for everyone

Spa Joli Belle's Signature Custom Facial

(Perfect facial for your first appointment, for all skin types and conditions, even the most sensitive skin)

A first facial with a Skin Therapist is much like a first date....your Skin Therapist begins the process getting to know your skin and you’ll have an opportunity to learn more about your skin! In our Professional services we use the most advanced natural medical grade skin care products available that are healthy and safe for all skin types and conditions as well as our 'secret' to uncovering your skin's true potential! Totally Customized, completely comprehensive skin care is only the beginning...

While striving to provide highly effective skin care, we first and foremost want it to be safe for your skin as well, so no harsh or inflammatory treatments here! During your facial we'll be assessing what we see on your skin and then design each step of your facial to address your specific skin conditions and type.  

We also believe your services should also allow for the deepest relaxation possible and we have created an environment and services with this goal in mind!

Professional Skin care should always be results oriented, healthy and safe for your skin, completely rejuvenating and you should settle for nothing LESS!

 Custom Signature Facial     $95 per treatment


ReVita Pen Custom Facial

Do a deeper dive into the skin with your Customized Facial with a professional skin care device that utilizes nano technology to create safe and non inflammatory permeability in the skin helping products get where they can deliver the maximum results!

ReVita Pen Custom Facial $120 per treatment

FACIAL Enhancers:

 Perfect Paraffin face Treatment

(add to any facial service)

The ultimate in treating dry facial skin effectively and enjoyably! Super hydrating Facial Paraffin is applied on top of your mask delivering deep down moisturizing into even the driest skin. Your skin will feel so velvety soft you'll be amazed!  You don’t have to endure dry lifeless skin any longer!

Perfect Paraffin Face Treatment $20

hot lips TREATMENT

(add to any facial service)

Got chapped, cracked or peeling lips? Spa Joli Belle has a lip treatment that'll bring your lips back to life! A lip softening balm is covered with a collagen lip mask topped off with warm moisturizing Paraffin that upon removal leaves you with the most amazingly soft lips ever! Last but not least a luscious lip balm adds the finishing touch! Add to any facial treatment! 

Hot Lips Treatment    $20

Have questions about our Signature Custom Facial? It just so happens we LOVE questions and encourage you to contact us with yours! For your convenience use our Contact Form below and we will get back to you as quickly as we can! Please check to make sure your return email address is correct so you will receive our response! We look forward to helping with your facial care questions!

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We offer pre-paid facial packages that will save you money while you take good care of your skin on a regular basis! Please ask when visiting about our package pricing!


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