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The most important question we can ask a client before a facial is:

What results are you looking for?

The answer to this question determines how we will design the facial that will address your skin care concerns specifically and uniquely! We offer a comprehensive selection of facials, all designed to create change in the skin! Our goal is to work towards transforming your skin into the skin you’ve always wanted!

A few things to know…we always do a thorough consultation at a first appointment to determine suitability for a service! While always working to provide highly effective skin care we first and foremost want it to be safe for your skin, so no harsh or inflammatory treatments here! We’ve also created our treatment room to allow for the deepest relaxation possible with the hope that you’ll leave fully and deeply rejuvenated! We not only want you to look amazing, but feel amazing as well! Now it’s time to take care of YOU while you enjoy a Spa Joli Belle Facial!

Spa Joli Belle believes Professional Skin care should always be results oriented, healthy and safe for your skin, completely rejuvenating and you should settle for nothing LESS!

We offer a discount for pre-paid series packages that will save you money while you take good care of your skin on a regular basis! Please ask for details when visiting about our series package pricing!

Healthy Vibrant skin is True Beauty!


Spa Joli Belle's Signature Custom Facial $95

(excellent for all skin types and conditions, even the most sensitive skin, 1 hour)

A first facial with a Skin Therapist is much like a first date....your Skin Therapist begins the process getting to know your skin and you’ll have an opportunity to learn more about how your skin works! In all Spa Joli Belle professional facial treatments the most advanced natural medical grade skin care products available are used and my 'secret' to uncovering your skin's true potential! Totally Customized, completely comprehensive skin care is only the beginning...

The basic elements of a facial include, cleansing, exfoliating, extractions if needed, serums, masks, moisturizing and sun protection as needed and the best part for some, massage of the upper body and face! (Please note some Facials do not include massage, you’ll find that information in the description beneath each Facial) The customization comes in to play with the wide range of products I have to treat your skin type and skin conditions! I love having the ability to customize for every client! Many clients with sensitive skin have avoided Facials for fear of irritating their skin, you’ll find at Spa Joli Belle there is an option even for the most sensitive skin and every skin type in between! If you’ve never had a Facial before, you’re in for a treat! If you’re a veteran of Facials, I hope to give you something unexpected when you have a Facial with Spa Joli Belle! I love skin care and think you’ll know that once you’ve had a facial at Spa Joli Belle!

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SJB’s ReVita Pen Signature Custom Facial $120

(excellent for all skin types and conditions, even for sensitive skin, 1 hour 10 mins)

Do a deeper dive into the skin during your Customized Facial with a professional skin care device that utilizes nano technology to create safe and non-inflammatory permeability in the skin helping products get where they can deliver the maximum results! Includes all the elements of our Signature Customized Facial including massage! A specialized treatment serum appropriate for your skin is applied and the ReVita Pen pushes it deep into the skin without irritation or inflammation for a even more intense skin treatment that leaves your skin incredibly and deeply infused!

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Spa Joli Belle’s Medi-Facial InFusion $125

(excellent for all skin types including sensitive skin, 1 hour)

This unique highly effective medical grade dermal rejuvenating and nourishing Facial Treatment substantially stimulates collagen production while also stimulating the epidermis to resurface creating cellular renewal without inflammation! This revolutionary skin treatment is safe for all skin types and conditions and works to reverse hyper-pigmentation, refine scars, minimize fine lines, rebuild areas of diminished collagen and increase capillary flow while thickening the dermis by increasing the nutrition that supports and stimulates the skin's own intuitively intelligent renewal mechanisms.

Because this treatment gently encourages the skin to do what it is designed to do naturally, exfoliate, repair and renew deep down in the dermis and it can be done much more frequently than most resurfacing treatments! And best of all, there's NO DOWNTIME with this treatment! I call the Medi- Facial InFusion the non peel 'peel' for it's ability to create cellular turnover while rebuilding collagen from beneath the skin in an incredibly unique process! And most amazing of all…it stays active in your skin for up to 30 days!

Please note that in this treatment that massage is limited to working the Medi-Facial InFusion into the skin! After a Medi-Facial InFusion it is important to avoid sun exposure without protection! I recommend you leave your Medi-Facial InFusion treatment on the skin until the next day at which time you can resume your normal skin care regimen! This deeply stimulating treatment leaves your skin with a healthy glow that radiates from within!

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SJB’s ReVita Pen Medi-Facial InFusion $155

(excellent for all skin types and conditions, will be extra stimulating for sensitive skin, 1 hour 10 mins)

Add to the Medi-Facial InFusion the innovative professional grade skin care tool that features cutting edge nano technology to deliver immediate results with long term benefits, and you’ve truly got the next frontier in skin care! This non-invasive device gently and effectively increases permeability in the skin which potently enhances corrective skin treatments to the maximum by pushing our patented formula deep into the skin! When I say ‘nano’ I’m describing technology that creates microscopic openings in the epidermis that are only 1/10,000th's the thickness of a single hair yet allow product penetration to be powerfully enhanced! This treatment will add a deeper boost to collagen and elastin production, soften fine lines and wrinkles, help heal wounds, decrease pigmentation, boost overall skin health, increase circulation, help to firm the skin and remodel acne scars!

After your ReVita Pen Medi-Facial InFusion treatment we recommend you leave your treatment on the skin until the next morning at which time you can resume your daily skin care regimen.  Protect your investment in your skin by utilizing sun protection at all times! This treatment stays active in the skin up to 30 days after treatment! Please note that the Revita Pen Medi-Facial InFusion includes no massage other working the serum into the face! Beautiful skin is something you never get tired of having!

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Spa Joli Belle’s Lip & Eye Treatment $45

(excellent for all skin types and conditions, even sensitive skin, 10-15 minutes)

The healthy way to boost the formation and retention of collagen under your eyes and in your lips with no fillers needed utilizing SJB’s ReVita Pen! These areas are vulnerable to losing collagen faster than other parts of the face. If you have fine lines, dry and/or aged looking skin or have a dark undertone to the skin under the eyes due to thinning skin this treatment delivers ultimate moisture and collagen stimulation to this delicate area leaving the skin under the eyes smoother and brighter! In addition how about an ultimate 'lip plumping' service that won't harm your lips but will instead leave them lush and plush! The initial effect is temporary but over time the treatments help to rebuild collagen in the skin that will make the eyes will look softer and smoother and lips will look fuller and feel firmer naturally!  No inflammation, no irritation, no injecting needed to get beautiful results!! Can be done as a stand alone treatment or added to any facial!

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Spa Joli Belle’s Resurfacing Facial* $95-$175

(*a thorough consultation prior to service is required to determine suitability 1 hour)

This facial is the ultimate resurfacing multi-tasker…and it can be done in up to 4 layers depending your skin tolerance! This progressive Facial treatment promotes healthy cell renewal, softens fine lines and wrinkles, diminishes acne lesions, lightens hyper-pigmentation, smooths skin texture and evens the complexion…your skin will radiate a gorgeous healthy glow! It’s critical to avoid sun exposure without protection after this facial to preserve results! I highly recommended you add the Marine Mermaid Mask (see below) to increase post peel hydration and speed healing! The Facial elements included are cleansing, extractions if needed, the peel, a mask and moisturizer applied, no massage included with this Facial. I also highly recommend the Resurfacing Facial be done in a series of 3 or 5 two weeks apart for maximum benefit! Watch as your skin comes alive with vibrancy you can see and feel by revealing healthy skin that’s been hidden just beneath the surface! There is no massage with this Facial! Please note there may some minor peeling or flaking after facial! Getting to what’s under the surface is what it’s all about!

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Spa Joli Belle’s Contouring Facial $110

(excellent for all skin types and conditions, even sensitive skin, especially beneficial for aging skin and persons who tend to have very high stress in their lives, some clients may not be suited to the use of MicroCurrent, this can be eliminated as needed, a thorough consultation will be performed to determine suitability, 1 hour)

This amazing facial utilizes two of the oldest technologies in the world…the Human Hand and electricity…going through hands into the skin…the combination of which can do amazing things for the muscles that support the skin through intense and targeted manipulations on the face and neck! Increase blood flow to the skin, release aging tightness and tension in facial muscles, soften fine lines for a smoother lifted appearance and that’s just for a start! MicroCurrent* adds a potent power packed punch to the results! The results are visible after one session and keep getting better with each subsequent Contouring Facial! This dynamic combo produces healthy gorgeous glowing firmer skin that defies expectations while being non-invasive and healthy for the skin! Expect a deep release in the muscles of the face and a unique feeling of lightness in your face you may never have felt before! The massage in this Facial is limited to the face and neck and is for the purposes of fascia/muscle release only! There will be cleansing of the skin, a serum applied prior to massage beginning and a moisturizer applied after massage but no other skin care elements included with this Facial!

Please note that a series of treatments are required to achieve long lasting results similar to working out the muscles of the body to achieve better strength and tone


Spa Joli Belle's Good Vibes Facial $125

(excellent for all skin types and conditions, even sensitive skin, some clients may not be suited to the use of MicroCurrent, a thorough consultation will be performed to determine suitability, 1 hour 10 mins)

In addition to all the beneficial elements of our Signature Custom Facial service, minus massage, this facial includes a highly advanced MicroCurrent treatment that works to stimulate repair in the very cells of the skin that create collagen and elastin as well firm and tighten the muscular substructure that supports your skin for skin that looks healthy! This powerful treatment targets your skin's deeper needs in the most therapeutic way possible using a non-invasive professional grade professional MicroCurrent device to help tone, rejuvenate and strengthen your facial muscles over time as well as infuse corrective serums deep into the skin for visible results! Continued improvement can be achieved with regular treatments! This is the 'wave' of the future in facial rejuvenation that’s safe and healthy for your skin!

Please note that a series of treatments will be required to achieve long lasting results similar to working out the muscles of the body to achieve better strength and tone.

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SJB’s Trip the Light Fantastic Facial $125

(excellent for all skin types and conditions, even sensitive skin 1 hour 20 mins)

In addition to all the elements of the Signature Custom Facial including massage, at the conclusion of the massage portion part of your service you’ll enjoy a 20 minute Light Therapy session that penetrates far beneath the surface of the skin and enhances the penetration of serums or masks applied before treatment! This deeply penetrating light therapy stimulates your skin to repair and renew itself without inflammation or irritation! The completion of your facial after Light Therapy will nourish and replenish your skin to it’s healthiest glowing potential! Continued treatments result in cumulative improvement in the skin’s health and vibrancy! The most enjoyable ‘side effect’ of Light Therapy is that it’s so very relaxing!

Please note that a series of treatments will be required to achieve long lasting results

Your skin’s personal Utopia…

Your skin’s personal Utopia…

Spa Joli Belle’s Skintopia Facial $225

(excellent for all skin types, even sensitive skin 1 hour 40 mins)

Spa Joli Belle’s Skintopia Facial is a dream team of skin care services for an intensely corrective, supportive and nourishing professional skin care treatment in one facial..The combination of these 3 state-of-the-art modalities into one treatment will leave you with skin that is utterly transformed! Using non invasive and non-toxic tools to preserve skin’s integrity or reverse signs of aging requires commitment without a doubt and this facial honors that commitment by being highly effective yet very healthy for your skin and giving you visible results that continue to improve with subsequent treatments!

Step 1… A Spa Joli Belle Medi-Facial InFusion, the medical grade Vitamin A treatment that penetrates deep into the dermis stimulating cellular turnover, rebuilds collagen and elastin, lightens pigmentation, remodels acne scarring and more…all while staying active in the skin for up to 30 days

Step 2…A MicroCurrent* Treatment that lifts, tones and smoothes your skin visibly with results that are visible and cumulative! MicroCurrent lifts and firms without harming the skin or muscle, increases blood flow to the surface of the skin as well as stimulates ATP in the skin helping to rebuild collagen and elastin, substances that keep skin firm and youthful looking

Step 3…A 20 minutes LED light therapy treatment to complete the skin’s absorption of serums while delivering a healing dose of deeply therapeutic light helping to rebuild the skin’s integrity and enhance skin’s appearance! Light Therapy has a wonderful side effect…it’s deeply relaxing!

This remarkable facial leaves your skin so deeply hydrated, nourished and stimulated it may take a moment to realize that it IS your face looking back at you in the mirror! Spa Joli Belle’s Skintopia Facial is your skin’s personal Utopia! (massage not included in this service)

*MicroCurrent may not be suitable for some clients, a thorough consultation will be conducted prior to services


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The Marine mermaid mask $30

(add to any Facial, 15-20 mins added to Facial)

A mask even a Mermaid could love…deeply hydrating, increases absorption of any serums or treatments you put under it and cools the skin up to 6 degrees! This is the mask you’ll wonder where it’s been all your life! This skin reviving mask can be added to any facial and is highly recommended after a Spa Joli Belle Resurfacing Facial to dramatically increase hydration in the skin and speed the healing process! This mask can be applied over eyes and lips for a ultimate deep treatment in these often dry areas! Go ahead, take the plunge with Spa Joli Belle’s newest addition that your skin will LOVE! And you will too!

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The Sheet Mask $10-$20

(add to any facial except Medi-Facial’s, 10-15 mins added to Facial)

Sometimes wearing a mask is a good thing! Add an intensive specialized mask to your facial for an infusion of active ingredients that can address brightening, clearing, hydrating, nourishing or soothing your skin! Sheet masks are pre-infused with highly effective active ingredients that treat specific skin conditions! They are particularly compatible with MicroCurrent as the moisture in the mask facilitates the current to travel wherever the mask is in contact with your face for a double benefit of added skin firming! What’s behind the mask will be revealed, beautifully!


Porefect Paraffin Face Treatment $20

(add to any facial 15-20 mins added to Facial)

The ultimate in treating dry facial skin intensely and enjoyably! Super hydrating Facial Paraffin is applied on top of your treatment mask and/or serums delivering deep down luscious moisture into even the driest skin. Your skin will feel so velvety soft and look so smooth you'll be amazed!  You don’t have to endure dry dull lifeless looking skin any longer!


hot lips Paraffin TREATMENT $20

(add to any facial, 10-15 mins added to Facial)

Got chapped, cracked or peeling lips? Spa Joli Belle has a lip treatment that'll bring your lips back to life! A lip softening balm covered with a collagen lip mask and topped off with warm moisturizing Paraffin that upon removal leaves you with the most amazingly soft lips ever! Last but not least a luscious lip oil adds the finishing touch!You’ll wonder how your lips ever lived without this treatment! Add to any facial treatment!

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We offer pre-paid facial packages that will save you money while you take good care of your skin on a regular basis! Please ask when visiting about our package pricing!


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