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You only have one face so that makes what you do to it pretty darn important! Chances are you're visiting our website because you're looking to change, improve or preserve your skin. The most effective way to create change in your skin is by working with a trained professional who will customize a plan to treat the skin YOU have at every appointment! That's how we do skin care here at Spa Joli Belle and that makes us a bit unique in our field...does that make us better for you skin? Modesty aside..we think so!

We are committed to helping our clients achieve change in their skin that is healthy, real and sustainable as we don't believe instilling false expectations serves either of us very well! If you're looking to change your skin through abrading the skin, chemical peels, acids or toxic muscle freezing injections we happen to believe those harm rather than help the skin! Your skin is awfully forgiving of past mistakes...until it isn't anymore! When you have skin care at Spa Joli Belle you'll get an honest assessment of where your skin is right now and a plan for potentially improving the health, integrity and vibrancy of your skin realistically, naturally and holistically. And what we mean by 'potentially' is simple...achieving change in the skin requires a commitment to using effective products, having professional skin care periodically, and performing a daily skin care regimen at home...anything less is skin care for the purposes of relaxation which we are very happy to do as well!

 After your skin care services we'll be happy to provide with you our professional opinion of your skin's current condition along with practical and useful information regarding what products and services we believe will work towards creating the change you desire in your skin so you can always make an informed choice. 

Our facial menu is simple by design...your skin care professional cannot know in advance what treatments your skin needs until they've had an opportunity to actually see and touch your skin. At your appointment the process of creating a customized treatment plan specifically for your skin type and conditions begins. Often when presented with a menu of facial options a client has no idea what facial to chose as they aren't entirely certain what would best benefit their skin. This is particularly true if they have more than one skin issue that needs addressing such as dry skin that breaks out for example. At Spa Joli Belle we feel these are the very reasons an individual seeks out a trained skin care professional and we are ready and excited to assist you in caring for your skin! 

Spa Joli Belle's Facial 360

(Perfect facial for your first appointment, for all skin types and conditions)

A first facial with a Skin Therapist is much like a first's a process of not only getting to know one another but also for your Skin Therapist to begin the process of getting to know your skin!  In our Professional services we use the most advanced holistic medical grade organic skin care products available that are healthy for all skin types and conditions as well as our 'secret' to uncovering your skin's true potential! Totally Customized, completely comprehensive skin care is only the beginning...

While striving to provide highly effective skin care, we first and foremost want it to be safe for your skin as well so no harsh treatments here! During your facial we'll be assessing what we see on your skin and then design each step of your facial to address your specific skin conditions and type.  

We are passionate about our work, viewing each client as the 'unique canvas' they are! This perspective presents us with an exciting opportunity is  to create a truly personalized and effective skin care plan, with the singular goal of helping maximize YOUR skin's potential to be gorgeously healthy and vibrant! We also believe your services should also allow for the deepest relaxation possible and we have created an environment and our services with this goal in mind!

Professional Skin care should always be results oriented, healthy and safe for your skin, completely rejuvenating and you should settle for nothing LESS!

 Facial 360     $90 per treatment


(A more advanced facial that works best with skin that's been conditioned for maximum benefit, more information below)

This unique highly effective non acid or chemical dermal rejuvenating and nourishing Facial Treatment creates a substantial increase in the stimulation of collagen production. Rather than wound or burn the skin with the use of harsh abrasives, chemicals or acids that force exfoliation, often before the skin is ready to do so, the Facial Infusion gently encourages the epidermis to resurface by feeding the dermis thereby creating cellular renewal without inflammation! This revolutionary skin treatment is safe for all skin types and conditions and works to reverse hyper-pigmentation, refine scars, minimize fine lines, rebuild areas of diminished collagen and increase capillary flow while thickening the dermis by increasing the nutrition that supports and stimulates the skin's own intuitively intelligent renewal mechanisms.

Because this treatment gently encourages the skin to do what it is designed to do naturally, exfoliate, repair and renew, it can be done much more frequently than typical harsher 'peels'! And best of all, there's NO DOWNTIME with this treatment!

It is highly recommended before having your first SJB Facial InFusion a Treatment Serum* be used for 4 weeks prior in order to condition your skin to maximize the full potential of the Facial Infusion. Please note that the Treatment* serum is not included in the price of the Facial InFusion and is available for purchase at Spa Joli Belle!

This exciting new advancement in dermal rejuvenation uses your skin's natural processes combined with a highly advanced serum in a patented liposomal delivery system that deposits skin nutrition, support and correction deep into the dermis where change is generated! This deeply stimulating treatment leaves your skin with a truly gorgeous healthy glow that radiates from within! We call the Facial InFusion our non peel, 'peel' for it's ability to create cellular turnover from beneath the skin which is incredibly unique in the skin care business!

Please note that this treatment is not a traditional facial in that massage is limited to working the Facial InFusion into the skin! Post treatment skin care instructions will be provided!

Facial InFusion   $135 per treatment

(*Recommeded Treatment Serums are available for purchase at Spa Joli Belle)


Have questions? It just so happens we LOVE questions and encourage you to contact us with yours! For your convenience use our Contact Form below and we will get back to you as quickly as we can! Please check to make sure your return email address is correct so you will receive our response! We look forward to helping with your facial care questions!

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Pre paid packages of 6 Facial 360's or Facial InFusion's are available at a discount...please contact us for more information!


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