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Everything you always wanted to know about Brazilians...

A Brazilian wax service is not the kind of service you want to go 'cheap' on in this licensed skin therapist's opinion! This is one of the most requested services and getting it right is so important for so many reasons! Let's demystify Brazilians...

The skill of the person performing your waxing service is perhaps one of the most important aspects of your wax service and if you've ever had a bad experience you'll likely agree! The second most important aspect is that your service should be as sanitary as possible! Does your waxer wear gloves at all times? They should! Do they use a wax stick only once? They better! Do they know what kind of wax to use and where? I would hope so and so should you! Do they look for contraindications for a waxing service? That's a big one and hopefully you'll be in the hands of a professional who'll tell you the truth if they don't think you're a candidate for Bikini/Brazilian waxing! There is so much more to Bikini waxing than just 'dropping your drawers'!

An experienced and prepared Brazilian waxer will have a variety of waxes to effectively remove all types of hair. It's equally important that the proper wax for where the hair removal service is being performed is used. In any case of Brazilian waxing it should be non negotiable for you that your waxer wears gloves and I encourage you to walk away from a professional who doesn't or refuses to even after being asked to do so!

It's also important that you and your waxer have a discussion prior to your first wax service about what kind of wax you want. You need to be very specific as you don't want more or less than the desired amount of hair removed. You should expect to fill out a form asking a variety of questions that may seem personal but is very important information for your waxer to know BEFORE your wax services begins. And you should always feel comfortable asking questions or giving feedback during your service!

When you have a Basic Bikini or Extended Bikini wax you may wear a disposable panty if you so desire that can be held to the side as the waxing progresses. This is not the case with Brazilian waxing. If you are shy this may not be the service for you. You will need to remove your underwear and your waxer will need to access all your private areas to complete a Brazilian wax. You will assist by helping to pull the skin taut, your waxer will guide your hands in assisting, and you will have to assume a variety of positions during your service. A magnifying light is used during the service to check for strays and fine or light colored hair in order to be sure they are removed too. These are routine elements of a wax in the bikini area and if any of this makes you uncomfortable you may want to reconsider!

The hardest question to answer with regard to Brazilian or any Bikini waxing service is 'how much will it hurt'? Pain thresholds are completely subjective and what one person nearly faints from another can practically fall asleep during! The optimal outcome is that your waxer is fast, efficient and knows their stuff to minimize pain while maximizing the speed of the service without compromising quality! And always go with your 'gut', if something makes you uncomfortable about a place, or the cleanliness factor is lacking, or the waxer doesn't inspire confidence right off the bat, don't stop asking questions until you get the answers you seek and if you don't get good answers, by all means go somewhere else!

Here at Spa Joli Belle I perform many waxes every week and have extensive experience and training with all kinds of waxing including Brazilians. I use the highest quality of wax available and have a formula appropriate for every kind of hair and every location that hair is removed. I am quick but very thorough and have fantastic skin prepping and soothing products that I also sell for home use to help you keep the skin in the Bikini area hydrated, soft and healthy and eliminate ingrowns!

At your first appointment you'll fill out a form that we will go over together to determine if there are any contraindications to your requested wax service and it's important that you provide complete answers for not only your safety, but for optimal wax results. Although in my experience I have never had a wax service with complications, full disclosure about the potential risks of waxing in such a delicate area is nonetheless very important for you and your waxer to go over before your wax service begins to insure you are making an informed choice! If you wax regularly it's important to keep to a schedule as this will help over time to weaken the hair so that it eventually grows in finer!

I hope this helps you to understand a bit more about Brazilian waxing! I am always happy to answer your questions should you have them, for your convenience we have a contact form on our 'About Us' page, send us your question and we'll respond just a soon as we can!

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