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My Products work ‘ok’...should I settle for that?

Often when I meet a new client and do a consultation they reveal they are using well known products on their skin but just getting ‘okay’ results. What I'd most like to share with you is this…

If you're using a skin care product for a specific reason, it needs to address that skin care concern effectively and therapeutically or you are wasting your time and money. For example: If you're using a product because you have acne and you still have significant acne after using the product for the prescribed period of time, it isn’t working. It's really that simple. 

You don't have to settle for 'halfway results'! You can and should look for products that are truly effective and will clear up your acne or deeply moisturize your dry skin or take care of whatever your skin needs are. There are components to truly great skin care products that make them effective. Things like the active ingredient, which is the agent of change, has to be one of the first 3 ingredients in the formulation or there is not enough of the active ingredient to make any changes on the skin. 

Quite often acne products simply use a 'dry out' the skin strategy to address acne on the skin. This not only is ineffective, it can irritate and worsen acne. Who wants crusty dried out pimples on their face??? Too often moisturizing products rely on heavy creams or oils that are ineffective at getting past the epidermal layer to hydrate and soften dry skin and can be terribly greasy feeling on the skin and not at all effective in relieving dryness. For any product to do it’s job it has to be able to get into the skin and reach the areas where change is needed. This is referred to as a 'penetration strategy' and it is important to know how a product you’re using on your skin is designed to get where it needs to go. If a product does not have an effective ability to penetrate the skin it simply sits on top of the skin offering minimal if any help. Sometimes a product just sitting on top of the skin can end up becoming an agent for irritation. For example, the popular ingredient of Retinol used in many OTC and prescribed products is touted to create cellular turnover that’s supposed to lead to younger smoother looking skin and/or to address pigmentation. This type of topical Retinol can have as dismal a penetration rate as 2% and end up sitting on the surface of your skin causing redness, irritation, peeling and extreme sun sensitivity and doing DNA damage. I am here to share with you that red, irritated, peeling or sensitized skin is NOT the outcome you want from using skin care products. What you want is vibrant looking skin that is balanced and healthy that comes from using products that are highly effective and can be properly absorbed into and used by the skin as well as non-inflammatory!

I encourage you to seek a licensed skin care professionals help in looking for the products that will help you achieve the results you need. There is a lot of misinformation about skin and how to change it and the time frame truly required to create substantial and visible change in the skin. A skin care professional can be a huge help in decoding the rhetoric and getting to the bottom line so you can spend your dollars on products that work and work well! It’s what we’re trained to do and we absolutely LOVE helping our clients achieve visible and real results with the products we recommend. There is always new information becoming available on how the skin works and what the most effective ways to achieve change are and I, like many in my field, love learning how best to help our clients with their skin care goals! This can require great deal of continuing education as well as sifting through and vetting all the new information and products that come out.

If you desire products that are natural or organic or vegan it's even more important to know what's in those products. If you're allergic to a particular substance you need to know how to tell if it's in a product. Reading labels can be like taking high school science class all over again. There are a lot of ingredients in skin care products that are ‘feel good’ ingredients rather than agents of change and it’s important to know which is which.

I'd love to help you discover how to have the healthiest most vibrant skin possible for you! I have had great success in guiding clients towards effective skin care services and products that produce visible and substantial results. The one caveat I always share with clients is that true change takes time. Any skin care product that promises 'instant' results is promising something I don't believe is possible and have yet to see in my practice of 10 years. It's no different that working out. We don't work out once to achieve the results we are looking for...we do it over and over again and appreciate the incremental changes that take place with repetition and consistency. It's no different with skin care products and services.

I hope I’ve encouraged you to not 'settle' for mediocre results but rather to seek out products that are safe, effective and truly work so you can give your skin the best support, nutrition and care possible! After all we wear our skin for life and making it the healthiest and most vibrant skin possible is a gift you'll ‘wear’ everyday and appreciate even more over time!

Please let me know if you have questions about skin care products, I’m always happy to answer your questions! And of course should you need skin care products I have really great recommendations of products that deliver results you’ll be able to see!

Warmest Regard,

Cindy, Owner, Spa Joli Belle

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