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Is there really such a thing as Anti Aging?

This is a universal topic in the beauty can I slow the signs of aging in my skin? There are ads for potions and creams and procedures of every kind that promise to return your youth to you via your skin instantly, some with minimal results, some with no results and all results are temporary. Sadly it is mostly just hype and advertising to sell something that's not likely to deliver on it's promises. The path to slowing the signs of aging of skin is a multi pronged one and there is no one size fits all solution. Best of all, the ultimate result is up to you!

As a licensed skin care professional I do not describe my skin care practices as 'anti aging'. There is a very good reason for that, inevitability...I cannot reverse what is going to happen naturally to every single human being alive...aging. We are all going to age and so is our skin. Even plastic surgery, fillers and Botox can only do so much and all of it is temporary while also being quite damaging to our skin. In the end plastic surgery for the purposes of 'anti aging' often actually defeats it's original purpose by creating more inflammation in the skin which speeds aging rather than slowing it. The side effects of procedures like Botox and fillers is that they accelerate damage in the skin with repeated use. Have you ever seen pictures of someone who has done a lot of Botox which can create a 'frozen effect' until finally their skin begins to droop? Not exactly anti-aging! How about a face lift that leaves smooth areas on the face surrounded by 'draped skin' over time...again a result that is less than desired and serves to emphasize aging rather than the opposite. This is not to say that plastic surgery can't be of tremendous help to an individual who needs reconstruction after grievous injury or to repair a birth defect or the many other very helpful ways it can help restore an individual and their life to wholeness again. I am talking strictly about voluntary submission to procedures simply for the purpose of 'looking younger' that I believe do far more harm than good in the end. The good news is that we all have the opportunity to make the best choice for ourselves and you should always do what is in your long term best interest!

I describe my professional skin care practice as working with clients to create skin health which in turn creates skin vibrancy and when coupled with consistent effective professional skin care and healthy products for skin care along with good daily habits such as drinking adequate water, consuming skin nourishing food and using a really good probiotic if you have digestive issues creates an environment where skin aging can be slowed in a natural way that does not inflame the body or the skin. When you have luminous glowing with health skin at ANY age it catches people's eyes including your own! Health that radiates from the inside out is the true beauty and when your external glow comes from inside, it's not only visible, it's undeniable! 

The secret of youthful skin begins with YOU and what you do for and to your skin. The first and most important way to preserve your skin is to protect it from damaging sun exposure everyday. It's great to get your Vitamin D naturally and you should do that in the sun in a healthy way periodically. Protecting your skin from excessive sun damage is the number one way to improve your ability to retain skin integrity over the long haul. Sun damage will eventually translate to thinner more fragile skin that loses it's elasticity as well as skin that is heavily pigmented and wrinkled, all of which are aging in appearance. The standard for achieving healthy Vitamin D production in the body naturally is being in the sun before 10 am and after 3 pm no longer than 15-20 minutes without sun protection to absorb the sun's energy which then converts to Vitamin D in our bodies. Sunburns are very damaging to our skin and only one can have long term consequences way down the road. Skin cancer prevalence is at an all time high and skin cancer removal can be quite disfiguring if it's serious enough to require surgery. It makes sense to do what we can to protect our skin from developing what can be a deadly condition. Be sure to have your skin checked yearly for skin cancer, early detection can be a life saver. A cherished client developed melanoma after a lifetime of being outside in the sun with no protection. It saddens me to say she succumbed to the cancer as by the time the melanoma was diagnosed it was quite advanced. It left me with a mission to let my clients know how important it is to protect yourself by incorporating sun protection into your daily regimen and getting checked by a doctor regularly.

Another helpful way to work towards slowing signs of aging is to engage in a positive fulfilling things with people you love, spend time with people who stimulate you and pursue happiness everyday in some way that recharges your batteries even if only for a few minutes, like meditating or taking a walk for example. Disconnecting from the constant stream of communication and information, much of which is negative in content, from our televisions, internet, social media and texting is very healthy for us. When you consider all the time we devote to all the different aspects of our life, too often the one thing we think we can't devote time to is a few minutes of positive action that will greatly increase our satisfaction and happiness in life. Change that and you may find you've changed everything in a very good way! Once you've treated yourself to some down time I predict you'll find 'imbalance' in any form deeply dissatisfying. Good can turn the tide the very moment you decide to do things differently!

Great skin occurs internally and externally, the two are synergistic and symbiotic. If you are what you eat well then surely your skin is the reflection of that internal investment in every way. If you give your skin no support externally through good skin care products for cleansing and hydration it will reflect that neglect over time with dull lackluster appearance. Partnering with a skin care professional who will give you useful and practical information as to what to do to give your skin good healthy care and support is important. And it's important to be as consistent with your skin care as you would be with anything that enhances your health. A thorough consultation with a licensed skin care professional can help you find the products and regimen that fit into your daily life and will help you improve and maintain your skin for life. It's really never too early to begin or too late to start taking proper care of your skin.

This is no time to 'throw in the towel' where aging is concerned. Longevity is at an all time high and the quality of that longevity in my opinion is far more important than anything else.  We never tire of looking, and more importantly feeling, our best at any age...what's qualifies as your personal best will be determined more by the quality of your life than a ticking should be encouraged to know that 'anti aging' is an outdated and unrealistic concept whereas healthy vibrant living that is reflected in more than just your face is possible every single day while embracing  the universal life experience of aging! 

Here's to vibrancy that resonates from your head to your toes and in your heart and life!!

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