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Microblading...the Semi Permanent way to restore your Brows!

Microblading is a revolutionary way to restore sparse or non-existent brows as well as volumize and define existing brows! The technique uses tiny little strokes to recreate the look of hair where little or even none exists any longer!

Using tiny blades to makes small cuts in the epidermis in order to deposit pigment is why Microblading is semi-permanent instead of permanent like a tattoo. A tattoo uses a device or machine to deliver ink deeper into the dermis of the skin which creates a permanent mark on the skin’s surface. Microblading is completely different in that the depth in which color is deposited is shallow and pigment is used instead of ink which is retained differently in the skin and reduces the potential for reactions. The additional benefit of Microblading being semi permanent is that as it fades and you return for touch ups you’ll have the opportunity to fine tune your brows as your face changes allowing for a more natural and softer look on the face.

There is potentially pain involved in the procedure but as with all procedures pain is completely subjective to the individual having the procedure. Having had the procedure personally my experience was that the pain involved was fairly minimal for me. The artist and client must collaborate closely on the design of the brows so I encourage clients to take a good look at their brows before their first consultation appointment and think about what they like and don’t like about their brows and what they’d like to change if possible. The beauty of Microblading is that is completely personalized to the structure and dimensions of each persons face. There is no’ one size fits all’ approach with Microblading! It’s important to understand that the purpose of Microblading is to recreate a natural look for your brows, extreme or trendy looks are not the goal of Microblading.

Before deciding if Microblading is for you a consultation appointment is required with the artist who will do your brows. It’s important at this consultation to ask all the questions you need to as well as ask to see where your procedure is going to be performed. You are looking for a clean space that is separate from other kinds of work performed at the location in order to maintain a sanitary procedure area. Once you’ve decided you want to have your brows Microbladed you’ll be required to complete paperwork as well as discuss pre-procedure and post-procedure instructions prior to making your Microblading appointment. This should take approximately an hour. The actual appointment to do the procedure requires up to approximately 3 hours for the design and blading to be completed. Somewhere between 6-8 weeks after your initital appointment you’ll return for a Perfecting Session which is included in the price of your Microblading procedure. There is typically a deposit required to book your Microblading procedure.

During the healing process 50% of the final result is based on compliance with post care instructions.This cannot be emphasized enough! During the 6-8 weeks you will see many changes, sometimes from one to day to another, in your brows and you are encouraged not to panic as those changes occur. Any areas that require additional work will be addressed during the Perfection Session. After the final Perfecting Session you’ll again go home and complete the same post care process as the first time. It will be equally important to follow all post care instructions after the 2nd appointment for optimal results.

Once you’ve completed appointments 1 and 2 you need to continue to protect your brows from sun exposure, excessive peeling, exfoliating or acids as these will fade your brows fast. There is no way to know in advance how long your skin will retain the pigment. The range before needing an additional work ranges from 6 months to 2 years. There are some skin types that may require more touch ups to retain the pigment at an additional cost. The most common type is oily skin and/or larger pores but is by no means the only type. Your Artist can make those determinations at the consultation appointment.

What is most important to know about Microblading is that is can restore not only your brows but also the time it takes to create brows daily with pencil or powder! No more worrying during your workout if your brows are disappearing as you sweat! With Microblading you’ll roll out of bed with brows ready to go all day everyday no matter what activity you’re doing! Our brows are the ‘frame’ of our face and adding symmetry and fullness through Microblading changes how our entire face looks!

I’m so excited to offer Microblading at Spa Joli Belle! It’s a wonderful feeling to complete a Microblading procedure and then watch a client be completely by surprised and delighted with the results! Please let me know if you have any questions about Microblading!

Warmest Regards,

Cindy, Owner, Spa Joli Belle

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