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The vast majority of us will develop some sign of aging on our face, hands and necks just from living...such as pigmentation, sun spots, age spots or actinic keratosis's! It's virtually unavoidable for those of us who don't have all day to protect every inch of our skin from sun exposure and other aging elements in our environments! 

The good news is that there are ways of removing some of those signs of aging boosting our skin's healthy and vibrant appearance without invasive treatments and little to no downtime! One of the newest and most effective is CryoClear and it's here at Spa Joli Belle!

CryoClear works by spraying Carbon Dioxide onto the skin for mere seconds which then freezes the skin superficially at the epidermal level. This shallow but effective depth of freeze greatly minimizes the risk of scarring and hypo-pigmentation that is usually associated with colder and deeper forms of cryotherapy.  CryoClear can treat indications such as skin tags, age spots and sun spots on sensitive areas such as the hands, face and neck! You can add cryotherapy to your facial service or come in just for treating your area of concern!

If you are unsure of the size of the area you wish to have treated just book the lowest cost service and we can make adjustments as needed at the time of your appointment after we've evaluated your treatment area!

Spa Joli Belle's CryoClear Treatments*

1mm size:

1 spot treated $50 / 2 spots $80 / 3 spots $130 /  4 spots $160

2-3mm size:

1 spot treated $80 / 2 spots treated $130

5mm size: 

1 spot treated $60 / 2 spots $110 / 3 spots $155 / 4 spots $200

7-8mm size:

1 spot treated $80 / 2 spots treated $140

  • *The suitability, cost and number of spots larger than 7-8mm that can be treated will be determined after consultation by your Skin Care Professional

  • *The number of spots of any size treated at each appointment is determined by Licensed Skin Professional after consultation

  • *All clients will receive a thorough consultation prior to any service to determine suitability for this service by your Skin Care Professional

  • *You may need more than one treatment to treat an area...that cannot be determined in advance of a first treatment

  • *You will need to protect and care for the treated area...aftercare instructions will be provided and optimal results are dependent upon complying with those instructions

 Have questions about Cryotherapy? It just so happens we LOVE questions and encourage you to contact us with yours! For your convenience use our Contact Spa Joli Belle form below or text us at 661-803-2504 and we will get back to you as quickly as we can! Please make sure to check your email address is correct so you'll receive our response! 


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