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Check out our blog on Microblading… .

Check out our blog on Microblading….

Actual work by artist at Spa Joli Belle

Actual work by artist at Spa Joli Belle

Microblading is the most exciting advancement in brow restoration and enhancement to come along in a long time! This semi-permanent way to replace sparse or non existent eyebrows as well as add dimension and fullness to existing eyebrows is revolutionary! You don’t have to live without eyebrows that flatter and frame your eyes beautifully while adding symmetry to your face anymore!

Spa Joli Belle is so excited to offer this popular and new way to create fuller more symmetrical brows that mimic the natural hairs of the brow! And best of all…if you pencil or powder to create brows everyday you’ll have one less thing to do in the morning! Day or night your brows will be ready to go! They’ll look good whether you’re swimming, exercising or dancing the night away! Both men and women can benefit from Microblading, we all like eyebrows that look good!

Before a Microblading appointment you will need to book a consultation appointment to complete forms, discuss the Microblading procedure so you’ll know what to expect at your appointment and how long it will take. We’ll discuss brow shape as well as go over pre-procedure instructions* and post-procedure aftercare.* (*compliance with pre and post instructions is critical to a successful procedure!)

Once you’ve got all the information** about Microblading we will set an appointment* for your Microblading procedure and before you know it, fuller more defined beautiful brows will be yours!

*(A deposit of $150 will be required to book your appointment)

To make your Microblading consultation appointment just click on the ‘Book Appointment’ tab above and you’ll be all set in a few steps.

Spa Joli Belle’s Microblading Services:

  • Strokes Only Microblading - re-create non existent brows or volumize existing brows $550 (one Perfecting Session included)

  • Powder Effect Microblading - for those who prefer a ‘makeup’ look to their brows $150 (add on only service)

  • Ombre Effect Microblading - First create or volumize brows with strokes and then give added dimension with progressive shading $800 (one Perfecting Session included)

(**we want you to know we take your safety during a Microblading session very seriously and have taken all precautions to provide a safe and sanitary procedure!)

If you have questions about Microblading please submit them to Spa Joli Belle using our Contact Us form below and we’ll respond as promptly as possible! Be sure to check your email address is correct so you’ll receive our response!

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