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Microblading is the semi-permanent way to replace sparse or non existent eyebrows as well as add dimension and fullness to existing eyebrows! You don’t have to live without eyebrows which serve to frame our eyes and convey our while adding symmetry to our faces anymore!

Spa Joli Belle is excited to offer this popular and revolutionary way to create fuller more symmetrical brows that mimic the natural hairs of the brow! And best of all…one less thing to do in the morning! Day or night your brows are ready to go! They’ll look good whether you’re swimming, exercising or just rolling out of bed! Both men and women can benefit from Microblading, we all need eyebrows!

Before deciding whether Microblading is for right for you we will need to set up a consultation appointment to complete a form with questions that will help to determine the suitability of Microblading for you, the amount of time a Microblading appointment takes, as well as outline the care that you’ll need to give your newly Microbladed skin after you’ve had the procedure done. Once it’s decided that you’re good to go for Microblading we will set an appointment for your Microblading and before you know it, fuller, defined and beautiful brows will be yours!

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