Spa Joli Belle's Micro-current Facial

When your skin needs maximum rejuvenation including the lifting and toning of the muscles that support the skin you need effective professional treatments that will address those needs powerfully on multiple levels! Utilizing the most advanced technology available today in micro current that won't harm, irritate or inflame your skin along with the most advanced medical grade skin products gives you a wide range of options for creating beautiful healthy skin that reflects your inner vibrancy and that never need include injecting a toxin or filler or peeling the skin again to achieve results! And skin that radiates vibrant health is the most flattering accessory you'll ever possess! 

Please note that if you have metal implants, a pacemaker, skin sensitivities, medical conditions such as diabetes or take certain medications this treatment will not be not suitable for you. A comprehensive consultation is required prior to any services!

Spa Joli Belle's Good Vibes Facial 360

(Good facial, even for first time clients, more information below)

In addition to all the beneficial elements of our Custom Facial service this facial includes a highly advanced treatment that works to address not only conditions of the skin but the very substructure that supports your skin as well. This powerful treatment targets your skin's rejuvenation needs in the most therapeutic and corrective way possible using a non-invasive professional grade device that delivers electrical massage helping to tone, rejuvenate and rebuild your facial muscle over time utilizing a patented technology. Results can be visible after one treatment and over time continued improvement can be achieved with regular treatments! This is the 'wave' of the future in facial rejuvenation and it's done without the use of toxic chemicals or fillers injected into the skin! 

Please note that a series of treatments will be required to achieve long lasting results similar to working out the muscles of the body to achieve better strength and tone.

Give your skin the ultimate in support and correction in a completely natural and holistic way! And with your permission we'd love to photograph your progress so that you'll have visual documentation of the changes in your skin tone and health! Seeing IS believing!

$135 per treatment

A series of 12 Good Vibes Facial 360 Treatments are available at a discount when prepaid, please contact Spa Joli Belle if you'd like more information!


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