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Our ReGeneration Facial Treatments are the penultimate in enhancing product penetration to create lasting changes in the skin over time!

Utilizing an innovative professional grade skin care tool that features cutting edge nano technology to deliver immediate results with long term benefits is truly the next frontier in skin care! This non-invasive device (it does not penetrate beyond the stratum corneum) creates increased permeability in the skin which potently enhances the effectiveness of corrective skin treatments! Getting products past the protective epidermal layer of our skin is critical to effective transforming skin care! Using this non invasive wand's nano technology to create microscopic openings in the epidermis that are 1/10,000th's the thickness of a hair allows products to push even more effectively past the epidermis to the dermal level where repair and correction begin! This treatment will enhance collagen production, soften fine lines and wrinkles, help heal wounds, decrease pigmentation, improve scars, boost skin health, increase circulation, help to firm and lift and improve acne dramatically and can even be used across the lips and under the eyes it's so gentle!

This truly innovative technology in skin care creates lasting results without harming the skin! We love watching our client's reactions to their skin after a ReGeneration treatment as they are amazed to see it glowing back at them in the mirror! 

(To achieve maximum results with any Facial InFusion service we recommend investing in our uniquely formulated Vitamin A Serum available for sale at Spa Joli Belle and using it for 30 days prior to your first Facial InFusion in order to fully condition the skin to maximize the potential of the Facial InFusion...if you need more information please contact us using the Contact Us form below!)

Spa Joli Belle's ReGeneration Facial 360

(Good facial for skin that needs a more intense treatment such as very dry skin or skin with signs of aging, benefits last approximately 3-5 days after treatment)

 Includes all the beneficial elements of our Facial 360 including extractions if needed! After the ReGeneration portion of the treatment a soothing mask leaves your skin saturated with protective moisture. We recommend not washing your face until the next morning when you can complete your daily skin care regimen as this allows your skin to fully absorb all the deeply skin stimulating benefits of your treatment. While it's always important to avoid unprotected sun exposure, it's especially true after a deeply stimulating skin treatment! Protect your investment in your skin! We also recommend only using a gentle cleanser, moisturizer for 24-48 hours post treatment.  This Facial treatment that will continue to stimulate and nourish deep in your skin for days after treatment!



Spa Joli Belle's ReGeneration Facial InFusion

(Like the Facial InFusion, works best for skin that is pre-conditioned for maximum benefit)

The addition of the ReGeneration skin care device helps to more intensively infuse the skin with the potent Facial InFusion serum giving this skin treatment maximum potential! Post ReGeneration your skin will be treated to a soothing moisturizing mask and we recommend you leave your treatment on the skin until the next morning at which time you can complete your daily skin care regimen. While it's always important to use sun protection it's especially true after a deeply stimulating skin treatment! Protect your investment in your skin by utilizing sun protection at all times! After your ReGeneration Facial InFusion it is recommended that you use only a gentle cleanser, moisturizer for 24-48 hours as this treatment is deeply stimulating to the skin and will continue to be active in the skin for 3-5 days after your treatment! Please note that the Facial InFusion includes no massage other working the serum into the face, this is strictly a deeply intensive facial skin care treatment for transforming the skin! 

Your skin should be conditioned for maximum benefit through the use of our uniquely formulated Vitamin A serum available for purchase at SJB and not included in the price of the regular Facial InFusion or the ReGeneration Facial!



SPA JOLI BELLE's Smooth Eyes and Luscious lips treatment

This is the healthy way to boost the collagen under your eyes and in your lips and no fillers needed! If you battle under eye dryness, crepiness or have fine lines this treatment delivers ultimate hydration to this delicate area leaving the skin under the eyes smooth and soft! In addition how about an ultimate 'lip plumping' service that won't harm your lips but will instead leave them lush and plush! The initial effect is temporary but over time the treatments help to rebuild collagen in the skin that will make the eyes will look softer and smoother and lips will look fuller and feel firmer naturally!  No inflammation, no irritation, no injecting needed to get beautiful results!!


Have questions? It just so happens we LOVE questions and encourage you to contact us with yours! For your convenience use our Contact Spa Joli Belle form below and we will get back to you as quickly as we can! Please check to make sure your return email address is correct so you'll receive our response! We look forward to helping with your advanced skin care questions!

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Pre paid packages of 6 ReZeneration Facial 360 or ReZeneration Facial InFusion's are available at a discount...please contact us for more information!



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