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We totally get it...waxing is never the spa appointment everyone gets all "Woo Hoo" excited about...but then you probably wouldn't enjoy someone admiring the 'lushness' of your bikini line, legs or tushie! So that makes waxing a fast and super convenient tool for getting rid of the fuzzies and the furries so that you're soft and silky smooth in all the places you want to be! And if you've ever had a wax, you know feeling soft and silky smooth is pretty awesome! 

At Spa Joli Belle we like to wax efficiently and thoroughly so you'll be done before you know it! And you can feel confident that we know what wax to use where so you'll have soft not irritated skin! After all, that's why you're waxing instead of shaving isn't it?

So you know...every wax service is like the first time...our skin is subject to change and is influenced by many things such as dehydration, medications or diet changes that can affect a wax service even though they may not have in the sure to tell your waxer about any changes since your last wax! For some...before and after the monthly cycle can make it a bit more uncomfortable so it's perfectly fine to use a pain reliever before your wax appointment if that will make you feel more comfortable for any kind of waxing you're having done! We have useful tips on how to care for your newly waxed skin skin to help prevent ingrown hairs along with a great selection of take home products* to help keep your bikini area skin soft and smooth!!

Please note that for waxing to be effective hair must be at minimum 1/4 inch long where you wish to have it removed! Regardless of hair length we recommend NOT trimming before waxing.


Eyebrow Design: This service is for the individual who has never had their brows waxed or haven't waxed for a long time and no longer have a definitive brow shape. The service begins with a consultation about what shape you're looking for and what can realistically be achieved in creating great looking brows for your face shape. Brows are not naturally symmetrical for the vast majority so after waxing we'll provide a demonstration on how make your brows look more symmetrical through camouflage and fill in techniques as well as grooming tips to keep brows looking great all day. The all inclusive brow service! Maintenance waxing every 4 weeks is recommended. $40

Facial Waxing:

  • Brow        $16 (maintenance on previously waxed brows)
  • Lip             $10
  • Chin          $15
  • Cheeks    $20
  • Neck         $20
  • Full Face $55 ( includes lip, cheeks, chin, neck... brows are a separate charge)

Body Waxing:

  • Half Arm       $30
  • Full Arm        $55
  • Underarm     $20
  • Half Leg         $45
  • Full Leg          $90


  • Chest              $50 
  • Abdomen      $30
  • Back                $60 
  • Shoulders     $40 

Bikini Waxing:

  • Basic Bikini              $25 (hair beyond thigh crease removed 2 inches out)
  • Extended Bikini     $45 (extends inward 1 inch from thigh crease top to bottom)
  • Playboy Bikini        $60 (hair from pubic bone to perineum removed, top shaped)
  • Brazilian                    $70 (all hair removed completely, back optional) (at this time we do                                            not offer Brazilian waxing services for men)

*We offer for purchase specialized products designed to condition and hydrate skin in your bikini area and that work to relieve ingrown hair issues resulting in skin that not only feels better but looks good too! We'll give you the do's and don't to care for your newly waxed bikini areas that will help to prevent common issues like chafing and ingrown hairs! We want you to love how your skin feels after a bikini wax!  

Have questions? It just so happens we LOVE questions and encourage you to contact us with yours! For your convenience use our Contact Spa Joli Belle form below and we will get back to you as quickly as we can! Please check to make sure your return email address is correct so you will receive our response! We look forward to helping with your waxing questions!

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